Ilda Shehu

Ilda Shehu is the true international star of Gary Hennes Realtors. Raised in Albania, lived in Chicago and now resides and sells the top and best of the best in Miami and Miami Beach. With gentle sophisticated selling and a strategic focus of making the most of clients precious time, Ilda creates the scenario that brings the best properties to buyers and sellers to move their property in a more methodical way.

Some agents work on volume, Ilda works on a relationship first with her clients that far supersedes any transaction. Listening is her honed skill where she can almost hear things that other agents would miss. Body language and the simple nuances of language vary from country to country even here in the United States. Ilda finds it more interesting to really understand what a buyers intent is for a property and if it is to be a true second home or are they relocating. Knowing the market is essential and Ilda knows where people should live.

European at heart but the best of Europe and the America’s, Ilda provides the concierge service that is required but then goes many levels higher which is rare. Beach, biking, reading and gourmet dining are a few of the things that Ilda loves but mostly Ilda loves her career and the power it gives her to create the life she wanted for herself and for the lives that others are looking to change in our midst.

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